Expand Your Network and Interact With Other Lawyers: Join the Lawyers Subreddit

Reddit, a popular online forum for sharing social news and entertainment content, has created a new subreddit (essentially, a message board) specific to practicing attorneys. Accessible only to practicing attorneys, the subreddit enables discussion of legal issues and law practice management in a closed online community.

In the first few days that the subreddit has existed, the members have suggested the creation of an online document database for sharing legal form and agreement templates. The subreddit members are currently at work to create a wiki to share documents among the members.

Other posts have shared opinions on law practice management software, where users have debated whether to use Clio, Abacus, MyCase, or Amicus.

You can gain access to the subreddit by e-mailing [email protected] and submitting “proof” you’re a lawyer (e.g. link to your state bar page with your attorney number, or photo of your state bar card) along with your reddit username.

One of the most popular of the recent posts has been one discussing free or inexpensive Westlaw / Lexis alternatives for solos, and, how you can continue to get free Westlaw / Lexis access post-law school.

Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
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