Amicus Cloud Web-Based Law Firm Management Review

Last Updated: May 1, 2014

And we’re back with a new round in this article series on law firm practice management software. Today we’re testing out Amicus Cloud, the web-based law firm case management software from Amicus Attorney.

Amicus Attorney offers both a computer server-based solution (installed on your office computer, they call it Amicus Attorney Premium) and a cloud-based solution (accessible via any web browser, they call it Amicus Cloud) for law firm practice management.

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Why I prefer Cloud-Based Services

I’ve mentioned this before in past articles, so I will just say that I prefer web-based / cloud-based solutions. Yes, you have to pay a monthly fee as opposed to a single license fee, but it can be more cost effective for solo practices and small firms, especially considering the cost of a server and IT setup, and that your software and hardware will be obsolete in three years. At least with a subscription-based service, they will keep updating the technology.


For Amicus Cloud, each user is $45 per month. For an add-on email account, it’s another $10 per month if you don’t have Microsoft Exchange already set up.

Trying Out Amicus Cloud

Going through the initial setup of Amicus Cloud, I’m extremely excited with how well they do their setup screen. They have this right. Kudos to Amicus Attorney for this. Sure, first you set your password and set your name. That’s standard. But, then they integrate your Microsoft Outlook (or Microsoft Exchange) e-mail account into Amicus Cloud. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a requirement (What’s the point of having case management software when you can’t take full advantage of it?). This has you on the ground running before you’re even there. Don’t have an Outlook / Exchange e-mail account? They can set you up with one (for an additional $10 per month). One drawback here is that they don’t integrate with Gmail if that’s what you use. You have to use Microsoft Exchange if you want to send email from and receive email in Amicus Cloud.

Regardless, this is an impressive feature that I haven’t seen duplicated by other law firm case management software. Sure, other law firm practice management apps can integrate e-mail, but none do it this seamlessly. Once the e-mail account is set up, we’re good to go. Now it’s time to check out what’s under the hood.

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It is very easy to add new clients and create new matters. Amicus Cloud has a great user interface and is fairly straightforward. You can easily use Amicus Cloud to send emails to clients, keep time, and add and edit documents to your database.

Amicus Cloud plays nicely with Quickbooks, allowing you to export your billing / timekeeping entries to Quickbooks so you can bill your clients with Quickbooks if you would like. Amicus Cloud also has its own built-in Amicus Cloud for billing, collections, and trust so you can bill clients and track payments.


Updated: Since this article was originally published in August 2013, Amicus Cloud has updated the platform, reducing some of the drawbacks we originally reported on.

Document automation – Amicus Cloud doesn’t automate documents like Clio, MyCase, or HoudiniEsq. Document automation is one of my favorite features of law firm case management software. This one is a must. Document automation allows you to upload a particular form / template document (the kind you use over and over again in your practice where you keep the content the same but change the client name and contact information, i.e. real estate closings or wills) and have the software automatically replace the template client contact information with your new client’s information when you choose to use the form document. It can save you hours and save you from driving yourself crazy with having to manually replace information on a template form. Do it once and you’re good to go forever.

Update: Amicus now has document automation. Awesome.

Google Docs / Drive – Amicus doesn’t play well with Google Docs / Drive. If you don’t use Google Docs / Drive, you can ignore this one. Update: Amicus added Dropbox integration!

Online payment acceptance – Amicus Cloud allows users to bill clients and email invoices but Amicus Cloud doesn’t accept online payments. It’s not a necessary feature, but it would be nice. Amicus now. Update: While Amicus doesn’t accept online payments, it does integrate with PCLaw and Timeslips for billing and invoicing.

iPhone / Android app – There’s an app for Blackberry but not for iPhone or Android. I want to see an Amicus Cloud iPhone / Android app.

Client portal – Amicus Cloud could use a client portal to allow clients to access Amicus to get updates on their case, see their bills, view shared documents, or use the platform to send secure communications.

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Amicus Cloud is a very well-polished offering for law firm practice management. It is easy to use, integrates with accounting software, allows for users to send emails, and manage their case load. It could benefit from an iPhone / Android app.

Let us know your thoughts. Have you used Amicus Cloud?

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20 comments on “Amicus Cloud Web-Based Law Firm Management Review”

  • I have been using Amicus Cloud for about two weeks now. I will never practice without it. You don’t need a droid app, the whole thing is designed to run on a smartphone. I use it on my droid phone all the time, the buttons are designed large to work on smartphones. The email integration is something you have to try to appreciate. This is a great program.

  • Since this review there have been several enhancements to Amicus Cloud that might be helpful to know about. Amicus Cloud has recently added Document Assembly (currently in beta) which, as mentioned in the review, saves a great deal of time and eliminates the constant headache of manual input. There is also a seamless integration with Dropbox. So if you store firm documents in Dropbox, you can now easily view and access them through Amicus.

    Where you mentioned the iPhone/Android applications, Amicus Cloud has TimeTracker (released in April 2013) – an app optimized for iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry devices and other phones with modern browsers. When you log into Amicus Cloud from your phone you have the option to open up TimeTracker where you can record your time with just a few taps.

  • Be warned that once your trial has expired you CANNOT download your data from Amicus unless you subscribe. Other products give you a short number of days after expiration of the trial in which to download your data. Amicus, however, demands a ransom.

    This was particularly disappointing since I could not get anyone at Amicus to answer my questions about this exact issue prior to signing up for the trial.

  • Something about Amicus Cloud, I believe the MS Exchange interface BADLY corrupted my system. I use nothing at all exotic — Win7, MS Office 2010, Outlook 2010, Nuance PaperPort, etc.

    • Mr. Tanner,

      Please communicate with Amicus Cloud support at your earliest opportunity. We are unaware of any issues with the Microsoft Exchange Services provided by our partner, Intermedia, one of the leading vendors in the space. But we would be happy to investigate your issues.

      Best regards,

      Christopher Cardinal
      Chief Technology Officer
      Gavel & Gown Software
      Makers of Amicus and Credenza products and services

      • Here is the email I sent to tech support today:

        What engineer decided that tasks popping up in individual boxes was a good idea? It makes the Amicus Cloud completely unusable. This feature was removed from Outlook 2016 over 10 years ago because it is stupid. Instead, Outlook 2016 pops up all tasks in one box. This way you don’t have task reminders popping up all over the screen.

        If I hit dismiss, then it dismisses the reminder in Outlook and I can’t keep up with my cases either in Amicus Cloud or Outlook. That was the suggestion I was given by Jack in tech support and I was told that this was no problem. I found out later that this dismissed my Outlook reminders also. I spend 3 hours or so this morning getting my reminders back on.

        My sales representative, Nick Hummel, won’t email me back despite leaving 3 messages for him. I talked to his boss, Johnathan Sellers, today and he transferred me to Abacus tech support because he didn’t listen to my question.

        I then called back again and I’m told by “Jack” in tech support that this is a feature and I’m screwed.

        This is a serious lack of customer service and the computer engineer that designed this feature update really needs to actually talk to people who use the program before implementing something so stupid.

        I’d like to talk with someone in management about this. This is incredibly frustrating.

  • Our firm has been using amicus for a month we are in canada and have found numerous issues in bc lawyers have to charge on there bills separately for paper ect under the bc code there is no quick way to do this in the system let alone run a taf (trust admin fee) report. We also have big issues with it being very slow work productivity has dropped dramatically in our office with staff on the chat and telephone with cloud support daily.

  • The idea of having to use Exchange is an unfortunate deal breaker for me. It is simply the worst implementation of an email server on the planet. It is very sad that you are required to use this abomination. Sorry Amicus, but you really ought to look into something that does IMAP properly.

  • I started my solo practice in January 2014 and I chose Amicus Cloud for its functionality and cloud-based platform. I love LOVE L O V E it. It does everything I need for a very affordable price. It is an important part of my practice, which relies heavily on technology as I have zero staff. And, I know my data is secure. Thank you G&G!!!

  • Frustrated. I’ve been using it for almost 1 year and have been fairly happy for most of the time but am teetering on the edge of cancelling. It has lots of awesome features. I like the way it handles billing and, while unhappy with needing to use Exchange at first, I now like the integration and synchronization that this provides. It makes me very sad that quickbooks integration doesn’t work all the time (and I never got a reply to the trouble ticket I sent out regarding that). It doesn’t import all of the transactions. Something that G&G knows about because I’ve repeatedly complained about it. Sadly, now I’ve also been down almost two weeks after an update changed all of my file associations and nobody at the company has called me back after several promises to do so. Several live chats, several phone calls, an email, at least two trouble tickets and nobody, not once since 6/9, has made any affirmative effort to contact us and explain the issue. If we are able to catch someone (something which is harder and harder to do this month), they’ve either blamed our exchange provider (Rackspace – a pretty major provider) or said they would call back and didn’t. Overall, good idea but the support has become terrible and the product has become unreliable. I also agree with the Canadian firm above stating that productivity went down due to slowness of the system. We were also slowed down but the features kept me hanging on, even though we been having to save contacts multiple times before they actually saved on some occasions. Use your trial period because reliability and service are suspect if you ask me.

  • I use amicus attorney am from Kenya, Africa. It works well for me, especially the calendar feature on my HTC one X plus. My only issue is that they dont use other currency symbols apart from the $ and pound. All in all its a great product

  • Generally like the program but Amicus is unresponsive to resolving an issue they created. When we finished our free trial we signed up and paid for a full year subscription and Amicus did a conversion of our data. After about two weeks our database was deleted by Amicus and we lost all time entries. While E-mail was recovered from Exchange, we were told we would have to reconstruct our time records because they could not be recovered! We were only able to reconstruct a portion of our time entries. After promising they would take care of it, Amicus has gone silent over the past year. I call and e-mail with absolutely no response. We lost thousands of dollars of billable time entries.

  • I have been using Amicus Attorney for over a year and I was happy with version 14; this latest version, however, sucks. And their tech “support” sucks even more. Worst tech support on the planet. And they charge $350 a year for it…for a single computer. If you have more licenses, they charge even more. I think I’m paying close to $1500 a year in tech support, and they can never answer my question when I call. About a month ago, I was on the phone with tech support for at least two hours trying to get my staff to be able to generate documents, which was supposed to be a time saver for me. Even then, they didn’t figure it out, so I had to call my IT guy. He figured it out, and he doesn’t even work for the company. I called again today because I can’t create bills–BILLS! That’s how I make money! I talked to two people, and neither one of them could answer my question. Their solution was to delete all of my time entries and re-enter them. I don’t keep written time records, so I’m not sure how they expect me to re-enter my time after I delete them. They are in the market of electronic case management, including time entry. Why would they even suggest that? Not to mention that I have about 15 bills to send out with at least 150 time entries. That’s HOURS of work spent doing something that should work in the first place.

    If you’re looking for practice management, trust me: look elsewhere.

  • I am in the look for a legal practice software. That of which is easy to use and has a built-in CRM. Which software do you think is the best?

  • This is my last email to tech support about this software:

    This software is massively defective.

    Emails that are billed in the “help me do these time entries” module are not marked done in the email module. I’ve now entered hundreds of billing entries and can’t be sure if the are duplicates or not. What is wrong with this company?

    1. The accounting link doesn’t work-crashes repeatedly
    2. You have written the billing mode to “steal” the front end of billing, no doubt so you can capture the lucrative credit card processing. Logical, but what about those of that still have QB data that is now hopelessly confused between the two system.
    3. The word processor looks like its from the Soviet Era
    4. slow, slow, slow
    5. support never answers the live chat.
    6. email does not integrate as billed.

    You are messing with peoples’ livelihood here-this is irresponsible.

  • I recently switched from Amicus Small Firm to Amicus Cloud. I like the billing module very much, although it works far from seamlessly with Quickbooks. I also like the email integration because it allows easy management of email.
    Now for the parts I hate, and I do mean hate. Conflicts checking is unbearable slow, so slow that it is practically worthless. When I used the desktop version and had a new client call, I would do a conflict check at the beginning of a call and would know quickly whether there was a conflict. Not possible in the cloud version. It can literally take hours.
    While Amicus Cloud has document generation, it is virtually unusable except for the simplest of letters. I had set up a number of forms that I generated through the desktop version of Amicus. I actually gave up on Amicus Cloud for document generation and went back to the desktop version. Even after hours with tech support, it was impossible to set up pleading paper, of all things. It is not just a simple matter of uploading forms. Don’t buy Cloud because you think you are going to get easy document generation.

  • At least once a month since I have used it, it is WAY too slow. I’ve complained about this many times. I have an extremely fast internet connection so it’s not on my end. Amicus Cloud has got to get this fixed.

  • As a user of Amicus Cloud, I would not recommend this program. They added a feature that pops up all your tasks in SEPARATE boxes from Outlook. I was told by Jack in tech support to just hit dismiss on the reminders in Amicus Cloud. I found out after doing that that if you dismiss the task pop-up in Amicus it dismisses your task reminder in Outlook. I spent hours trying to fix this. If you are a user of OUtlook, you know your tasks all pop-up in one box instead of many separate boxes. This makes the program unusable. They were supposed to roll this feature back but then refused. I have dozens of calls and emails into tech support with no luck. I was told I need to migrate my data today somewhere else. I’ve asked my sales rep, Nick Hummel, to email me 3 times by leaving him messages but no luck for weeks he hasn’t emailed me back. Tech support is usually a guy or girl that doesn’t speak English and knows less than I do about the program. It is difficult to get to the Level 3 tech support people who actually know something about it. It is also too slow – some days it just spins and spins trying to code an email to bill to a file.

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