Doing Law Firm PPC Right (Part 2) – How to Win Prospective Clients from Internet Marketing

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This is the second post in a series on law firm pay-per-click advertising (See Part 1 Here). We’ve been working with our clients and speaking with lawyers who want to learn more about effective Internet advertising. In this series, we’ll go over how firms end up wasting their online advertising budget and what you can do to make an effective PPC campaign that brings in new business to your firm.

In our last article on Law Firm PPC, we covered 7 of the main mistakes that law firms make with Pay Per Click online marketing campaigns. We discussed landing pages and how law firms rarely use targeted landing pages (i.e. specific website pages crafted to appeal to people coming from PPC ads) in their Internet marketing campaigns. Since last time we covered how not to craft PPC landing pages, it’s about time we cover what you should do to make an effective landing page that attracts new clients, getting them to ultimately give your firm a call or submit a contact form.

PPC Ad Headline Examples

Example 1: If you’re advertising for a family law firm and you have divorce ads up with divorce-related copy that reads “Get a Divorce Now / Our Experienced Divorce Attorneys Can Help” and someone clicks on that ad, they don’t want to get to a page where the headline is “Family law”. They may quickly read “Family Law” and think “Oh, well I want a divorce lawyer not a family lawyer, whatever that is,” and then they leave the site without reading your content.

Example 2: You have a personal injury practice. You create an advertisement for “Motorcycle Accident Attorney”. Your headline is great because it is very specific and targeted. So, someone injured in a motorcycle accident clicks on your ad… and they’re transported to a “Personal Injury” website. Their thought process – “Wait a second, this website doesn’t specialize in motorcycle accidents at all. Well, I guess I’ll just go back to Google and try again on the next site in my list, hopefully finding a firm that does motorcycle accident cases well.”

So, how do we make relevant landing page headlines?

Copy your Adwords advertisement headlines. Verbatim.

Learn more about what works and what doesn’t work before embarking on a PPC campaign. Don’t just throw your money at online advertising, hoping it brings you new clients. You can end up spending thousands of dollars each month to get visitors to your site who won’t ultimately contact your firm. Consider hiring a skilled PPC agency to help your firm reach prospective clients who can hire your firm.

Law Firm PPC and Landing Page Optimization

JurisPage helps law firms run the best possible Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We manage law firm advertising campaigns and create effective landing pages while continually performing A/B tests to ensure that our clients’ landing pages are bringing in the most new clients possible. If you are interested in learning more about how we help law firms bring in more new clients each month, you can learn more.

Andrew Cabasso
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