Plainlegal – Streamlining the Practice of Law for Attorneys

Plainlegal is a law firm tech startup looking to save attorneys time. Plainlegal seeks to streamline processes for lawyers, starting with intellectual property lawyers so they (and their paralegals) don’t have to spend time manually entering data.

In the past few months, Plainlegal launched their solution aimed at streamlining the intake process for trademark filings, enabling attorneys to start and submit a client’s trademark application in as little as fifteen minutes. While many attorneys charge a flat fee for trademark filings, significantly reducing the attorney’s actual time spent on each filing can save the firm thousands upon thousands of dollars per year and many billable hours. Not only can it improve your profit margin on filing trademarks, but the time it saves can enable you to do other things, like work on that novel you’ve been talking about writing, but haven’t gotten around to because you’ve been too busy manually entering in data for trademark filings.

How it works

After signing up for Plainlegal, you can direct your client to your web-based Plainlegal intake form.

Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
Andrew Cabasso is an attorney and co-founder of JurisPage, an online marketing agency for law firms, now part of Uptime Legal. Andrew has given many lectures and CLEs on website design and Internet marketing to legal professionals. He is the author of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and The Complete Guide to Attorney PPC. Follow Andrew on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

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