7 Ways for Attorneys to Use Google Hangouts

Last week, Jurispage held a fun webinar on Google Hangouts for Lawyers with our friend B.L. Ochman, a Google+ consultant from Maximum-Plus. One big misconception about Hangouts is that it’s the same thing as Skype or is just another video conferencing platform. There’s a lot you can do with Hangouts to build your practice. Here are some ways attorneys can use Hangouts On Air / Hangout Video Calls in their practice:

1. Create videos for your website to engage with your visitors

Studies have shown that website videos boost conversion rates, (i.e. you’re more likely to get a phone call or contact form submission). Here’s how it helped Dropbox.

2. Offer paid video consultations

Hangouts can allow you to do pre-paid video consultations with clients. Remember that scene from Back to the Future Part 2 when future-Marty McFly gets fired by his boss via a video screen? It’s basically the same thing. Except, using a Hangout you can get paid by the client before the consultation. And, unlike Back to the Future Part 2, there’s no altering of the space-time-continuum involved.

3. Boost your firm’s Google visibility with FAQ videos

What are the most common questions you get from prospective clients? Answer them in a video instead of just writing blog posts. Sure, lawyers can blog about practice area-related FAQs to boost their SEO, but videos SEO much much better than text. Creating videos to address client FAQs can boost your search visibility to get you more traffic.

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4. Online ADR

You can use the Hangouts platform to do online mediation. Use the free Hangouts platform instead of that expensive video conferencing software. From your beach cabana (provided you have good wifi) you can host a mediation while your clients are in Alaska.

5. Meetings

Need to get some face-time with your staff, partners, paralegals, and associates but your team is scattered? Hangouts lets you do exactly that. Much more engaging than a conference call.

6. Host your own webinar

If our last Hangout webinar has demonstrated anything, it’s how you can use the Hangouts platform to host your own webinars. Provide an info session on your practice and demonstrate why people need you as their lawyer. Some webinar topic ideas suggestions:

“5 things to do when you’re pulled over at a D-W-I checkpoint”
“The 40 Steps to a real estate closing in [your location]”
“Bankruptcy demystified – How you can keep some of your money and get a fresh start”
“Don’t kill grandma! Why health care proxies are important”

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7. Build an audience with a Hangout show

Have more interactive events than the other firms in your area. You can make Hangouts that talk about topics in your practice area and market the videos to non-lawyers. Use the videos in tandem Google+ circles and YouTube to increase your exposure.

Hope this gives you guys some ideas on what you can do with Hangouts.

In case you missed it, you can now stream our webinar – Google Hangouts for Lawyers.

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