SEO Expert: Law Firm Tips to Better Search Engine Optimization in 2014

After talking with several clients recently, I’m revisiting our SEO blog posting series to help you learn more about search engine optimization for law firms and get your firm website better visibility in Google search results.

The goal here is to make this as straightforward as possible. In this post, I am not assuming any knowledge on your part. Everyone is different. Some attorneys don’t know what SEO stands for, others are familiar with SEO but don’t know what it entails, others think they know and don’t really, others are experts. If you’re more experienced, feel free to skip this next paragraph.

Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
Andrew Cabasso is a practicing attorney and VP of Web Services at Uptime Legal where he runs JurisPage, an Internet Marketing firm specializing in online presence solutions for law firms including website design, SEO, and search marketing. He has given many lectures and CLEs on website design and Internet marketing to legal professionals. He is the author of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and The Complete Guide to Attorney PPC. Follow Andrew on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

3 comments on “SEO Expert: Law Firm Tips to Better Search Engine Optimization in 2014”

  • Great article, Andrew, very interesting insights. Just curious, what are your recommendations in regards to backlinks? I know with all the Google updates we have to be very careful about these now, so would be interested to know your opinion.

  • Great post! I like how you explained each step clearly. Unlike other websites, Law Firms fall under the professional category, everything they say or post on the internet can reflect the credibility of their services and of course their professionalism. Anyway, everything that you mentioned here can also be applied to other professional companies, such as a medical facility or an architecture firm.

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