What is Google Hangouts and Why Should Lawyers Care?

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Most people I know, lawyers included, are completely unfamiliar with Google Hangouts. I really didn’t know much about it until a few months ago myself, when a colleague introduced me to it. I’ve been using Google+ for awhile now – using it to share posts, discover new content, and get involved with G+ communities. But, I really hadn’t paid much attention to Google’s Hangouts. I tried it once or twice and on first glance it seemed like Google’s answer to Skype. After getting a better introduction, I’m now a big fan of Google Hangouts and all the different things you can do with it.

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Google Hangouts is a platform that allows users to have private or public video conferences, and, if you want, publish that video to YouTube. You can effectively use Google Hangouts like your own private video production studio. You can even use it to host webinars. And, it’s completely free. This was really intriguing to me, especially since services like GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar are not inexpensive.

Some cool things you can do with Hangouts:

·Offer paid client consultations

·Create informational or marketing videos to publish to the web

·Host staff meetings

·Offer a webinar

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So, is it basically Skype?

Nope. While it does offer the ability to have video chats, that’s where the similarities end. Hangouts is much more powerful, allowing you to broadcast a live video to YouTube or an embedded page on your website, have a paid consultation, share computer screens, or create your own informational videos. I won’t lie – it does have a learning curve, but now I am a huge proponent.

Ultimately, Google Hangouts can be a great tool to promote your law practice.It’s also free, so there’s a low barrier to getting started.

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