Ebillity Law Firm Timekeeping and Billing Attorney-Tested Review

Up next in our 7-part series: Law Firm Timekeeping and Billing Software Reviews is Ebillity. Ebillity is cloud-based law firm timekeeping and billing software that, at its most basic level, enables your law firm to keep track of your time on client matters, and allows you to bill your clients. That’s just a broad overview though, let’s check out what Ebillity can do.


Ebillity was made with attorneys in mind, to help them keep track of time and bill clients. Well, of course it is, you may wonder. Why would you review software that wasn’t made for attorneys? Well, Freshbooks, another provider of cloud-based timekeeping and billing software, isn’t specifically geared towards attorneys. Some of the key features of Ebillity include:

    ·ABA Activity, Expense, and Task Codes

    ·LEDES and Litigation Advisor Exports

    ·Trust Accounting with Summaries and Reports

    ·Easily Check for Conflicts of Interest

Ebillity has many of the features found in Bill4Time. Like Bill4Time, Ebillity integrates with Paypal so clients can pay their bills via Paypal. Also, Ebillity has a desktop widget, allowing you to track your time from anywhere, even when offline. However, one advantage of Ebillity is that it integrates with Outlook so you can track time from your email client.

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Unlike the competitors in the space, Ebillity connects to Quickbooks via a two-way integration. This is an amazing feature. Say you enter a new service item, employee, customer, matter into Quickbooks and you want to bring it into Ebillity, all you have to do is sync the two programs together using Ebillity’s sync, and it’ll sync. It’s a two-way sync, meaning that any time entered in on Ebillity can go into Quickbooks and vice-versa. Generally, the Quickbooks syncs I’ve seen are one-way, allowing you to sync from your billing software to Quickbooks, never both ways. Also, if you are using Quickbooks Online, the sync can be scheduled so that every hour, for example, any new information added to Ebillity or Quickbooks will automatically be updated in the opposite system.

Take a free trial of Ebillity with no credit card required.

User Permissions

Like its competitors, Ebillity lets you set user permissions so that certain users can only see certain clients. You can provide that attorneys can only track time and not have access to billing / invoicing.

With Ebillity, you can also get user reports to see how much time your attorneys are spending on each client and matter. You can see which attorneys are the most productive (e.g. who’s billing the most?) and who’s wasting time.

There are no matter access permissions, just client-specific permissions. So, if you have a client who has several open matters, your attorneys assigned to that particular client can see all of the client’s open matter.


Ebillity allows you to accept client payments with Paypal (a great feature in general that competitors don’t have). But, while it’s great that you can accept payments online, I personally am not the biggest fan of Paypal or its branding. Having Paypal to accept online payments is better than nothing, but I would prefer if Ebillity could accept other payment processors like Authorize.net or Stripe.

With user permissions – attorney users cannot be limited to a specific matter, just specific clients. So, if one client has a litigation matter and also a bankruptcy matter, any user assigned to that client can see all pending matters for a client.

The above being said, those are the biggest drawbacks I could find. Overall, I was very satisfied with Ebillity.

Pricing and Support

Ebillity is a little convoluted in terms of billing. They charge you for every element. Do you want billing? Extra cost. Quickbooks connection? Extra cost. Legal-related features? Extra cost. Even so though, it’s still reasonably priced overall.

Per-user costs:

$9.95 per month for user 1

$20 per user per month for each additional user

Firm-wide costs:

$10 per month (firm-wide) for billing

$10 per month (firm-wide) for legal

$10 per month (firm-wide) for Quickbooks connection

Ebillity has good support with a very minimal wait time. Ebillity also offers support via email, it has a knowledge base of FAQs, video tutorials, and they offer live chat support. Every two weeks, Ebillity has live webinars to help you get started.

Overall, Ebillity provides excellent, user-friendly timekeeping and billing software for attorneys. Keeping track of your time, billing clients, and receiving payments is extremely easy. It enables you to spend less time on back-office management and more time focusing on your practice. If you want, you can try Ebillity free for 30 days.

Andrew Cabasso
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  • Hi Andrew!

    Great article and thanks for the review. I work for eBillity and thought that I’d mention that very soon, we are going to let customers accept client payments via Stripe. So your comment about PayPal is valid and we’re working to make it easier and better for people to get paid. Stripe is awesome as you mentioned and we’re rolling out this new feature soon.


    James (from eBillity)

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