Weekly Edge #25: Using Twitter Effectively, For Lawyers

You might be tweeting every day. Or maybe it’s the final frontier of social media that you haven’t explored yet. Regardless of your feelings towards Twitter, it is undeniably one of the best ways to both push out content and absorb new information. Even if you’re not looking to grow your practice through Twitter, or you’re not sure you want to spend time coming up with clever tweets, consider using Twitter as a custom, live news feed and going from there.

Twitter Tips for Beginners

via BufferSocial by Kevan Lee

Just starting out? Even if you already have a few followers, here are some great tips for Twitter that can help you avoid being overwhelmed when the tweets start rolling in. You might also want to read this so you can avoid any social media faux-pas. Favorite Action Point: Engage other users. Vocalizing your opinion with the @-mention can not only open a productive dialogue, but can give your account more exposure!

50 Twitter Accounts Lawyers Should Follow Religiously

via FindLaw by William Peacock

Who you follow on Twitter is everything! Even if you’re a seasoned Twitter user, we recommend combing through this curated list of Twitter accounts. Follow the link and you’ll find everything from Supreme Court members’ accounts, to accounts where you can learn about legaltech, to several Legal humor accounts. Favorite Action Point: There’s no cap on the number of accounts you can follow–one strategy is to follow many accounts and then trim them down over time. Be careful about using this strategy on Facebook…

Dear Lawyers, This is How You Gain Twitter Followers

via LinkedIn Pulse by Dar’Shun Kendrick

So what’s the secret to more followers? Isn’t that the answer you’re looking for? Instead of just posting practice-related things, try to (1) post external articles, (2) show personality and (3) directly engage people. Consistency and variety are the keys to success! Favorite Action Point: Even a reply as simple as “Interesting” or “Nice Work” can go a long way in terms of engagement.

What NOT to do on Twitter

via Law Technology Today by Jared Correia

Not that you should be afraid, but as a lawyer you do have to be a bit more cautious than the average person when using Twitter. Luckily Jared Correia, who literally wrote the book on Twitter, is here to give us a handful of tips to avoid these pitfalls. Favorite Action Point: Hashtags are great, but don’t abuse them. Consider tweeting the same content again with new hashtags, rather than putting 3+ at the end of your message.

10 Tips for Avoiding Ethical Lapses when Using Social Media

via ABA by Christina Vassiliou Harvey, Mac R. McCoy, Brook Sneath

A post we recommended in our Facebook edition of the Weekly Edge but is equally relevant for Twitter. There are some activities that, while they may seem innocuous on social media, may be ethical violations. For example – be careful when trying to friend or follow unrepresented third-parties; if a party is represented by counsel, reaching out would be impermissible. Some lawyers have been reprimanded for sharing confidential information on social media, even though they assumed that they did a good enough job anonymizing the clients. Favorite action point: Don’t follow a judge without reading your state’s ethics guidelines first. The rules vary from state to state.

And now something lighter:

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