Weekly Edge #28: Holidays for Lawyers

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve curated a selection of articles about holiday parties, gift-giving, and allowing yourself to take time off. If you’ve been fighting sending out your holiday cards, it’s time to surrender the battle.

Holiday Cards: Everything You Need to Know

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An article about sending out holiday cards is not inherently exciting. What you need to know is: Where can I get decent holiday cards and what should I say on them. Anything else is just fluff. But, this article takes a bit of a more humorous take on holiday cards to lighten up the subject matter. Be careful not to take this article too seriously. Favorite Action Point: Use Vistaprint to get your custom cards, but don’t forget to get a free promo code simply by Googling “vistaprint coupon” – (Groundbreaking right?)

Holiday Parties & All the Basics You Need To Know

via Above the Law by Kat Griffin

It’s almost holiday party season, and inevitably some of us are more excited for this than others. Use this cheat sheet before touching that mug of eggnog so you know how to dress, what not to drink, and where the after party is. Favorite Action Point: Try to be a social butterfly. This is a golden opportunity to get your co-workers to forgive you for that mistake you made back in August.

Afraid to Take Time Off?

via Wisconsin Lawyer by Thomas J. Watson

The stigma that taking a vacation makes you less of a hard worker is absolutely untrue. Decompressing with time off (especially over the holidays) and allowing yourself to recharge the batteries is helpful for everyone. Not just you, but your employer too. Favorite Action Point: Having more flexible hours, or “alternative” hours can keep you sane. Some people are more productive with fewer, longer days per week, others aren’t.

Three Rules for Holiday Gift Giving

via Rainmaking for Lawyers by Gideon Grunfeld

Consider stepping up your client service by sending personalized gifts to your VIP clients. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Favorite Action Point: Buying custom (but not expensive) gifts for each client based on their interests, or a conversation you’ve had can go miles further than a Starbucks gift card.

New Approaches to Holiday Marketing

via ABA GPSolo by David A. Barrett, Mike O’Horo

Marketing never stops. The holidays provide an excellent time to build and develop your business relationships. Step up your marketing game this season with some holiday-based marketing tips. Favorite Action Point: Take advantage of social media to reconnect with clients and business connections, by wishing them a happy holidays. Highly recommended, and effective!

And just for fun…

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