CosmoLex Adds Email Integration to Practice Management Software

Today at the ABA Techshow, the case management software company, CosmoLex, announced the launch of its new email integration.

The integration will allow users to manage emails along with their timekeeping, calendars, and documents in the CosmoLex platform.

it is the next step for making CosmoLex the place where lawyers spend most of their time when running their practice.

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This integration works through automatic email forwarding. Once enabled in CosmoLex, users are assigned a unique email address. With the email address you can auto-BCC all incoming and outgoing emails to the CosmoLex platform, and the emails will be added to your client matters. You do not have to send all your emails to CosmoLex though. If you want, you can forward emails individually (requiring you to manually send them to the platform), or all of them automatically.

Once the emails are forwarded to the platform, CosmoLex helps you assign the emails to your specific matters. From there you can, if you choose, assign time entries to sending or reading each email.

This new integration is not exclusive to one email client. You can use it with Gmail, Outlook, Office365. Anything.

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