Crafting Great Landing Pages for Your Law Firm

You could say that there is an art to landing pages.

A recipe that should be paired with an attractive design and compelling copy. When followed correctly, it can become the highest revenue generating page on your site.

Great landing pages achieve one simple goal: getting visitors to reach out to your firm.

Think of your landing page like a speed date. The first impression really counts, and if you make a strong connection, it may lead to a long and happy relationship.

To do this however, the landing page must follow best practices.

In today’s Weekly Edge we’re giving you the scoop on said recipe. We’ve sourced the web for great articles that review these best practices. Nail your landing page and get one step (or a giant leap) closer to sealing the deal with potential clients.

Great Landing Pages Are Not Born, They Are Made

Effective Law Firm PPC (Part 1): 7 Ways To Lose Prospective Clients

Via Juris Page by Andrew Cabasso

Far too often lawyers lazily select a practice area page as their landing page. Or worse, they select their home page.This is information overload for the potential client who clicked your advertisement. In order to achieve the goal of a new potential client reaching out to you, you must put yourself in the position of the potential client who is hunting for information. Do you really want to distract them with unnecessary details and drive them off of your page to another site with more relevant information? Of course not. Each advertisement should have a corresponding landing page stripped of excess information. Remember to hone in on the important details.

Favorite Action Point: Consider your landing page an extension of your advertisement where your headline and design match the theme of the ad.

Are You Not Entertained?

10 Essential Elements Of A Law Firm Landing Page

Via Evolver by Eric Hebert

Can you guess what form of online content is more popular than videos? If your answer is : nothing, then you are correct. As this author explains, one of the strongest elements that your landing page can have is a well shot and edited video. A video with a reasonable budget can go a long way in establishing trust from the very beginning with the potential client. The video should be tastefully made, addressing why your firm is qualified and trustworthy.

Favorite Action Point: As videos are no longer expensive investments, your firm can complete this project with with one day of shooting and quality editing.

It’s All In The Offer

Creating Landing Pages That Convert into Clients
Via The Enchanting Lawyer by Jacob Sapochnick

Lead Generation pages are essentially a landing page that offers some value in exchange for the contact information of the visitor. To effectively compete, law firms must develop landing pages that simultaneously provide value in the form of education, and present it in a compelling way that convinces that lead to contact your firm to inquire about your services. Most leadpages promise to provide free information. If your firm provides free consultations, you really have the opportunity to shine amongst law firms that don’t. This offer should be prominent on the landing page.

Favorite Action Point: You can diversify your offers based on traffic source. Are you running a social media campaign to drive business? Consider customizing the offer if the potential client reaches the landing page via the social media ad.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Landing Page Inspiration: 17 Best Landing Page Examples

Via Wordstream Blog by Dan Shewan

Blatantly copying someone’s work is not only illegal, but frowned upon professionally. The idea here is to be inspired by work that others have done well, taking a cue that you can incorporate into your own landing page. One company in the financial applications industry understood that clients are looking for a service provider they can trust in such a sensitive area of their business. They followed suit by placing what the author calls trust signals front and center. This prominent placement of their former client’s immediately puts potential clients at ease. For your law firm you may consider putting a quote or rave review from a client.

Favorite Action Point: With your copy and design, show that you clearly understand the needs of your prospects and appeal to them in terms they understand.

There are great landing page videos and then there are videos like this.

Andrew Cabasso
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