Google Adwords Gets a New Update – How Will This Affect Law Firm Marketing?

If you are running an online advertising campaign for your law firm in Google Adwords, you may have noticed some recent changes to the interface.

If you are anything like me, you probably saw the change and thought, “Hm…. what the heck is this? Why did they break Adwords?”

And if you haven’t seen the changes yet, you will soon…

There is a new Google Adwords platform update rolling out now – it’s a full redesign of the layout and display.

It is the first redesign since 2008. Because Adwords has constantly been adding new features to the platform in the years since 2008, it felt to some degree like Google was just piling things on top of each other.

So, the goal with the redesign has been to de-clutter and have a more intuitive look.

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The problem is, if you have grown used to the interface, with all of its flaws, you’ll have to relearn it to some degree.

Having played around with it a bit now, I have some notes.

The interface is very intuitive for users. Keywords, Negative Keywords, and Search Terms are all easily visible. If you were just creating your first campaign in the old interface, it would have been easy to overlook Negative Keywords and Search Terms (and consequently overspend on your campaigns).

Also, the data visuals are great. It has a line graph comparing different metrics over time, which is real handy.

And, a lot more of the advanced features that were hard to access are more easily visible. If, for example, you want to see what your ad traffic is like on desktop vs. tablet vs. phone, and you want to adjust bids based on devices, it’s a lot easier to access in the new interface.

Oh, and one more thing – the new user interface looks great on mobile.

Before this change, I only did Adwords work on desktop because mobile and tablets did a terrible job displaying Adwords. If you ever tried working on an Adwords campaign in mobile, I feel your pain.

Change is scary, but after getting used to it, I approve.

The first time I saw the interface, within a few seconds I was scrambling to find the “Classic Layout” button because I didn’t want to deal with learning the new layout. But hopping around for 5 minutes, that’s all it really took to get a feel for the new user interface and start appreciating it.

So, What Does This Adwords Redesign Mean For Law Firm Marketing?

If you are managing your own Adwords campaign, you might find that you have to spend some extra time getting used to the new layout.

Chances are, you will probably appreciate a few things about the update. In particular:

  • Easiness of using more-advanced campaign features
  • The visual charts to compare metrics
  • How everything displays on mobile and tablets

“But how will this affect my advertising campaigns?” one may wonder.

In short, it won’t at all.

This redesign is entirely cosmetic. There are 0 functional changes to Google Adwords. It’s not like that time Google changed up the way Adwords displayed in search results to allow for more text, or changing the “ad” label to look less obvious (they did that more than once in the last few years).

Yeah, we’ve written a lot about changes to Google Adwords over the years.

But, this change shouldn’t have any effect on actual searches.

So, with that, we’re wishing you good luck on your ad campaigns!

And if you ever have any questions on how to run a more successful Google advertising campaign for your law firm, feel free to reach out.

Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
Andrew Cabasso is an attorney and co-founder of JurisPage, an online marketing agency for law firms, now part of Uptime Legal. Andrew has given many lectures and CLEs on website design and Internet marketing to legal professionals. He is the author of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and The Complete Guide to Attorney PPC. Follow Andrew on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

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