Rocket Matter Announces Atlas 2.0 Upgrade

This week, Rocket Matter, makers of the popular cloud-based practice management software, announced some new updates to its platform to better help lawyers manage their firms. The update, dubbed Atlas 2.0, has a few big upgrades to the platform.

With the updates were a few notable items:

  • Automated recurring billing
  • Payment plans
  • Load speed
  • Workflows

Billing Updates

A few months back, Rocket Matter unveiled Rocket Matter Payments, payment processing fully integrated with Rocket Matter’s billing and invoicing system. By integrating payment collection with billing and invoicing, the process of getting paid is easier.

Now, Atlas 2.0 has options for recurring invoices, automated payments, and payment plans.

Recurring Invoices / Payment Plans

Instead of having to create invoices each month, they can be automatically sent out to clients for you.

This is especially useful if you set up a payment plan with clients where, instead of paying off their balance at once, they want to break up payments over multiple invoices. For clients in practice areas like criminal defense and immigration, this is a great tool.

One other use for recurring invoices and payments are for subscription legal service plans. If your firm wants to accept clients on an alternative fee arrangement where they get a set amount of services in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, you can set them up to be automatically invoiced and charged. It ends up looking similar to how Netflix charges your card every month.

Automated Payments

Instead of having to track down a client each month to replenish their retainer or pay their invoices, their bill can be paid automatically by saving a credit card on file. This saves your firm from having to spend a ton of administrative time on collections, and ensures your firm gets paid for the work it does.

And once payments are received via Rocket Matter Payments, the platform notifies you that their invoices have been paid. Ultimately, this saves even more admin time.


To make things work even more seamlessly (this update is all about lessening your administrative burdens if you can’t tell), there’s an update to workflows.

Last March, coinciding with 2016’s ABA Techshow, Rocket Matter announced the Atlas 1.0 update, which included the addition of matter templates. Today they take it a step further.

For a lot of firms, similar cases have similar processes from intake through representation.

Instead of reinventing the wheel each time you take on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, creating the same tasks that need to be performed, how about use a template that has all of that ready for you?

Rocket Matter’s Atlas 2.0 update has just that. New workflow templates in Rocket Matter can create template: dates, deadlines, roles, billing setup, and tasks for different matter types, saving you tons of time when you create a new matter.

Page Load Speed

I hate slow software. I really do. I have things to be doing, and waiting seconds for webpages apps to load adds up when you are working on a computer all day.

The Atlas 2.0 update overhauls the platform where, instead of pages having to load individually every time you click a button or a link, it’s all pre-loaded, making for a quick transition after you click to visit a different part of your app.

Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
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