A No Fluff Guide to Basic Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing – A No-Fluff Guide for Lawyers

Law firm marketing can be scary territory for many lawyers. In addition to choosing the best strategy that will generate the best return possible (translation: paying clients), there are scores of jurisdictional rules that lawyers must worry about.

Hiring an in-house marketing professional, contracting with a freelancer, or choosing a marketing agency might seem like a good idea. They, at least in theory, have all the necessary knowledge to make your law firm a screaming success, right? Well, hopefully so. Yet, there are still two issues to consider:

  1. Whether you understand how the marketing options they throw at you work (as well as when you could begin to expect results); and
  2. Their compliance with the ethical rules in your jurisdiction.

Although this article is designed to give you a no fluff guide to basic law firm marketing practices so that you can make an educated decision (and continue to provide the oversight required of you by your jurisdiction), we highly recommend that you review the ethical guidelines so that you can make sure that you’re not penalized by the bar in the future.

Common Law Firm Marketing Practices (and What You Should Know to Make an Educated Decision)

A law firm marketing plan will usually include more than one advertising method. With that said, there’s no need for you to decide to master (let alone use) every single marketing practice right this very minute. Check around your area and see what those in your practice area are doing.

About the Author: Dennis Dimka
Dennis Dimka is the CEO and founder of Uptime Legal Systems, North America's leading provider of technology, cloud and marketing services to law firms. Dennis is the author of Law Practice as a Service: How and Why to Move Your Law Firm to the Cloud, and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2016. Follow Dennis on LinkedIn.

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