Law Firm Marketing 101: The Basics

You’ve started a law practice.


Now, how are you going to go about getting those first clients?

Whether you are planning on getting clients from referrals, online marketing, or billboards, those new clients have to come from somewhere.

And it doesn’t just happen on its own.

That’s law firm marketing.

The subject that probably wasn’t emphasized when you were in law school, but it is nonetheless critical for your firm’s survival and growth.

There is a lot to law firm marketing. But at the core, it can really be broken down into a few different levels of law firm marketing.

  • Marketing goals – why are you doing marketing?
  • Marketing metrics – are you reaching your goals?
  • Marketing channels – what types of marketing activities will you do to reach your goals?
  • Marketing tactics – what effort will you put in to your marketing activities to reach your goals?

These elements will ultimately comprise your law firm marketing plan. First, you will need to know about each of these elements before you can build your marketing plan.

Though we’ll dive into each of these elements in this article, in future articles we’ll get even more into detail with specific aspects of law firm marketing.

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Building a Law Firm Marketing Plan

Generally, when you are starting your new practice or taking a fresh look at growing your existing practice, the first thing you should consider is a marketing plan.

A good marketing plan is a template you can follow to help your firm grow.

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In general, a good marketing plan should have several components to it:

  • Goals
  • Metrics
  • Channels
  • Tactics
Andrew Cabasso
About the Author: Andrew Cabasso
Andrew Cabasso is an attorney and co-founder of JurisPage, an online marketing agency for law firms, now part of Uptime Legal. Andrew has given many lectures and CLEs on website design and Internet marketing to legal professionals. He is the author of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and The Complete Guide to Attorney PPC. Follow Andrew on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

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  • It’s interesting that law firms need to market, too. I would imagine that the best way to get clients would be to perform good service. Then, your customers can just help you through word of mouth.

    • Hi Sarah. You’re right–referrals is a great place to start when it comes to generating new business for a law firm. For law firms that are serious about growing, however, it often not enough. Most growth-focused law firms need to focus on a combination of referrals, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Advertising, and other client-generation channels.

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