Law Firm Marketing – Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Law Firms That Get It Right

Tips and Case Studies on Law Firm Marketing via Social Media

Social media is one of the more popular methods used for law firm marketing. However, it’s not always an area that produces instant results. And lawyers have another serious consideration: the ethics in the jurisdiction(s) where they’re admitted to practice.

Do lawyers have to start from scratch? How can a law firm survive and thrive on social media? The good news is that lawyers (including solos, small and midsized practices) do not have to start from scratch when it comes to law firm marketing via social media.

If, like many lawyers, you like to look to precedent, there are several law firms that have a successful social media presence for their practices.In this article, we’ll point you to three different social media profiles (belonging to law firms) for your review.For each, we’ll explain what it is that makes their social media presence work and why they’re rocking social marketing.

#1: Daily Use and Engagement with Followers

#2: Provide Valuable Content

#3: Use the Social Media Platforms Where Your Audience Is Located

Bonus Tip: Targeting Sponsored Posts

About the Author: Dennis Dimka
Dennis Dimka is the CEO and founder of Uptime Legal Systems, North America's leading provider of technology, cloud and marketing services to law firms. Dennis is the author of Law Practice as a Service: How and Why to Move Your Law Firm to the Cloud, and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2016. Follow Dennis on LinkedIn.

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