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Growing a business is a challenging endeavor. When you’re a practicing attorney, you must take considerable precautions when advertising your services. Because of this, many law firms turn to lead services to help them make contact with individuals or businesses who may be a good fit. One of the services used by law firms is 4LegalLeads.com.

In this 4LegalLeads review, we’re going to give you an overview of how they operate, which practice areas they cover, and some information about the cost of their service.

What Do You Get When You Pay for Leads?

4LegalLeads.com has been around since 2001. They offer exclusive leads for lawyers and law firms, meaning they don’t give the same lead to two or more lawyers or law firms.

4LegalLeads provides real-time leads curated in two ways – live phone calls and form submissions. If a consumer calls their information center seeking information, they can be transferred directly to your law firm. Lawyers and firms using the service are in a queue, and the calls get routed to who is next in line to take the call. Phone leads include targeting options, including practice areas, locations, and even the hours that you’re willing to accept these calls. Note that you will be charged for phone leads even if your voicemail picks up.

4LegalLeads also provides leads collected from a web form. Because these are considered real-time leads, they are not re-distributed or manually distributed. When a lead comes in, it gets sent to the next available customer in the area.

Web and phone leads must be purchased together and are not offered separately.

Which Practice Areas Are Included in 4LegalLeads Service?

4LegalLeads provides leads for most broad practice areas as well as specialty areas. Leads are available for:

  • Auto Accidents with or without injury. Auto accidents without injury can be purchased under Traffic Violations category.
  • Bankruptcy. The prospective client may or may not know which chapter they need to file.
  • Business law. This includes any subject that may be covered by business law.
  • Child birth injury. This includes injuries that may have been sustained by mother or child.
  • Civil lawsuit defense. These are lawsuits without injuries. Sub-categories include civil lawsuit defense and discrimination and harassment that did not take place at work.
  • Consumer law. The sub-categories include identity theft, insurance claims, consumer law, and lemon law.
  • Criminal defense. This may be treated as a general category, expungement, or appeal. Sub-categories include criminal defense, criminal appeals, criminal expungement, police brutality, and victim of a crime.
  • Debts and collection. The sub-categories are debt collector harassment and collections and debt.
  • DUI. This is its own broad category, but may also be broken down further into two sub-categories: DUI and suspended license.
  • Employment and labor law. The sub-categories include general employment law, work-related discrimination and harassment, and wrongful termination.
  • Estate planning. The sub-categories include wills and trusts, estates and probate, and power of attorney.
  • Family law. Lawyers may choose from the sub-categories of divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and family law.
  • Foreclosure defense.
  • Identity theft. While it is considered a sub-category for consumer law, it is also its own category.
  • Immigration.
  • Intellectual property. Lawyers may choose from the sub-categories of copyrights / trademarks or patents.
  • Landlord tenant. Lawyers may choose from two sub-categories: landlord/tenant and eviction.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Mesothelioma. However, their website said they are currently not offering leads in this category.
  • Nursing home abuse.
  • Personal injury. This category does not include auto accidents, medical malpractice, or worker’s comp.
  • Real estate and property law. This category does not include foreclosure defense. The sub-categories include real estate disputes and property disputes.
  • SSDI.
  • Tax law.
  • Traffic violations. This category does not include DUI or most auto accidents. Sub-categories are traffic law and suspended license.
  • Worker’s compensation.
  • Wrongful termination. While this is its own category, it is also listed as a sub-category for employment law.

The Cost of 4LegalLeads

What good would this 4LegalLeads review be if we didn’t discuss price? We’re happy to see that the company provides its rates on the website. As of June 2019, their per lead price is as follows:

  • Auto accidents: $175 – $700 per lead.
  • Bankruptcy: $50 per lead.
  • Business law: $30 per lead.
  • Child birth injury law: $100 per lead.
  • Civil lawsuit defense: $20 per lead.
  • Consumer law: $20 per lead.
  • Criminal defense: $60 – $85 per lead.
  • Debt and collection: $20 per lead.
  • DUI: $80 to $175 per lead.
  • Employment and labor law: $20 – $45 per lead.
  • Estate planning: $40 per lead.
  • Family law: $40 per lead.
  • Foreclosure defense: $55 per lead.
  • Identity theft: $30 per lead.
  • Immigration: $20 per lead.
  • Intellectual property: $30 – $40 per lead.
  • Landlord tenant: $30 per lead.
  • Medical malpractice: $40 per lead.
  • Nursing home abuse: $70 per lead.
  • Personal injury: $75 – $225 per lead.
  • Real estate and property law: $30 per lead.
  • SSDI: $40 per lead.
  • Tax law: $60 – $120 per lead.
  • Traffic violations: $20 per lead.
  • Worker’s compensation: $75 – $250 per lead.
  • Wrongful termination: $8 per lead.

It’s important to note that the lead price may be more or less than what is stated on the website based on the location of the potential case. You can learn more about their pricing by requesting a free consultation through their website.

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