How Bringing Your Law Firm SEO In-House Can Hurt Your Rankings

For law firms looking to grow their practices, SEO in an important tool. Search Engine Optimization helps law firms get traffic from potential clients looking to hire a lawyer. There are tons of SEO services out there – from general service providers to legal industry-focusing marketing agencies. But, like most services, this is one that can potentially be brought in-house. Two questions we are asked when speaking with law firms is:

  • Should a law firm do their SEO in-house?
  • Are there risks to doing so?

The short answer to question one is no. You should not keep your SEO in-house. This is because of the answer to question number. Yes, there are some risks and concerns. In this post, we’re going to look at the two risk areas law firms face when they doing their SEO in-house.

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Risk One: You May Not Be Getting All the Help You Need

Keeping your SEO in-house could mean that your law firm doesn’t get everything it actually needs to make the most out of the process. It’s often thought that SEO is the most important part of online marketing. And, yes, it is a very important component since it affects where your law firm will appear in the organic search engine rankings. Yet, executing on expert-level SEO for law firms requires deep expertise on different areas, from technical SEO to content. Being well-versed in SEO conceptually doesn’t necessarily mean that they also know how to write content that converts.

Additionally, one person can only do so much. Even if you get lucky and find someone who has experience writing content, can do site and link audits, and knows local SEO well, all of those activities require a substantial amount of time and attention. All of those activities can be used to impact your target audience, but one person can’t tackle all of them in a reasonable amount of time.

An agency that provides your law firm with SEO and marketing services can create campaigns that draw in your target audience in a reasonable amount of time. This is because the work is evenly distributed to a team of experienced individuals. Instead of choosing which activity to focus on, every aspect of both law firm SEO and marketing remains the main focus at all times.

Beyond that, SEO agencies have team members with different areas of expertise. They also work on many different law firm SEO campaigns so they know what strategies work. Compare that with one SEO team member focusing on one firm who is getting data for just one law practice.

Risk Two: Inexperience Can Be Dangerous

We know that we all have to get experience from somewhere. We also know that SEO principles change on a regular basis. Someone could very well have the skills necessary to help your law firm rank, but do they have the experience to perform audits and review data to determine what should be improved? Do they know how to find and interpret all of the data?

Inexperience can be dangerous to your overall search engine ranking. Working with an SEO agency that caters to law firms helps create and implement SEO strategies as well as collects and interprets the data so that you understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and if anything should be changed.

Don’t leave your law firm’s SEO strategy to chance. Don’t overwhelm just one person with your entire marketing and SEO strategy. Instead, talk with an experienced SEO and marketing agency to learn how your law firm can benefit.

About the Author: Robin Bull
Robin Bull holds a BS in Paralegal Studies. She graduated from Kaplan University in 2008, Summa Cum Laude. Robin is the former Program Director of Paralegal Studies for Vatterott College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has more than 15 total years of experience in bankruptcy, family law, personal injury law, and real estate law. Robin is a full time legal writer, editor, and social media manager. She resides in Oklahoma City with her husband, Danny, three dogs, and one cat.

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