Clio Grow Review: Client Intake and CRM for Lawyers

At the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference, Clio announced its acquisition of Lexicata, the popular intake and CRM software for lawyers. With its acquisition, Clio rebranded Lexicata as “Clio Grow” and announced that it would soon be released to the public. Now, Clio Grow has been officially rolled out, so it’s time for us to give it a test-drive.

First – what is it? Clio Grow is a web-based client intake and customer relationship management application that helps you successfully navigate the first mile (or kilometer, if you want) of your client’s journey to working with your firm. Clio Grow helps you manage your leads (aka potential clients), stay in communication with them, and get them through the pipeline from new inquiry to consultation to retained client.

Clio Grow provides tools for you to onboard these new clients, with email and document automation, and e-signatures. This helps you more effectively sign on new clients, without losing them or have them fall through the cracks.

This software is the front-line of your customer experience. Think of CRM and intake software as your “Pre-practice management software.” These tools help you bring in your new clients. Then, once you’ve signed them, they go into your main law practice management software.

So, what can Clio Grow do?

This Clio Grow in-depth review examines everything: the features, support, and pricing, and more.

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