Unbundled Attorney Review

Unbundled Attorney Review – What You Should Know Before You Sign Up

Unbundled Attorney is a lead generation website that services lawyers in specific practice areas. In this Unbundled Attorney review, we’re going to look at how they differ from other lead generation services that work with the legal industry, the practice areas available, and the cost of their service.

What Makes Unbundled Attorney Different from Other Lead Generation Services?

Unbundled Attorney works with attorneys who offer unbundled legal services, which are services that are offered either for a flat fee or limited-scope representation for clients. They do offer leads for full representation, but it must include a payment plan or a replenishment plan which is not a feature offered by other lead generation services. They also provide a “layaway” feature to help leads plan for paying a lawyer. One nice thing about their unique structure is in how they help ensure that the leads can afford to pay their bills.

Unbundled Attorney doesn’t force lawyers or law firms to sign a long-term contract. They believe that their leads are so highly qualified that your ability to convert them to paying clients should speak for itself. For those who do want to cancel, their website states that the cancellation process is as simple as just telling them you no longer wish to receive their leads.

How It Works

Unbundled Attorney provides exclusive leads to their clients. Since the leads are exclusive, lawyers or law firms don’t have to worry about another lawyer or law firm calling the lead before they can.

Unbundled Attorney provides some upfront client education to the leads before passing them on. According to their website, taking the time to provide potential clients with some basic information helps the lawyer or law firm who receives the lead more easily convert them to a paying client in less time. The leads are often told about the price range that they might expect when inquiring about flat rate or limited-scope representation.

Unbundled Attorney’s Practice Areas

Unbundled Attorney isn’t for everyone because they have a limited number of practice areas that they serve. Leads are only available for:

  • Family law
  • Immigration law
  • Estate planning
  • Bankruptcy

What’s the Cost?

Unfortunately, Unbundled Attorney does not list prices for their lead. Based on what we’ve learned from researching this company, it’s likely that the lead price varies based on location. To learn more about Unbundled Attorney and its potential cost for your law firm, you would need to reach out to the company to explore their services.

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