Why Should Your Law Firm Send Email Newsletters?

Law firms are increasingly using email marketing, not to directly solicit business, but as a way to build awareness for their services. Email marketing helps you stay “top-of-mind” with your audience. On your email list, you will likely have colleagues, current and former clients, and other referral sources. While they may not all need a lawyer in your practice area, they may know people who do. And, your email newsletters can serve as a periodic reminder that you are a skilled lawyer with specific relevant experience, and that you can help them out.

Email Marketing Software for Lawyers

There are a lot of email marketing apps out there that your law firm can use. There are tons of flavors that can do different things. But, which email marketing apps are the most appropriate for your law firm? Here is a rundown of the different types of email marketing apps, and our recommended software applications.

Summer 2018 Changes Coming to Google AdWords

Google just announced a few changes coming soon to AdWords. Over the years, the online advertising landscape has changed. Not too long ago, mobile ads did not exist; there were no ads on Google Maps or in apps or on YouTube. But, with the addition of these new advertising channels, AdWords has evolved. There are a few changes to share. Some are cosmetic; some are meant to simplify; some are meant to help advertisers (but may have unintended consequences for law firms).

Top Family Law Marketing Strategies for 2018

Running and growing a family law practice has its own unique challenges compared to other practice areas. Family law marketing requires a different approach from other areas like criminal defense, personal injury, or business law. Having helped many family law firms grow their practices over the years, I have some specifics to share on the best, most effective strategies for family law marketing.

Rebranding for Your Law Firm

In summer, a lot of law firms seem to slow down. With better weather, people are looking to spend more time on vacation or outside. Opposing counsel slow down their pace. Courts shut down. For many firms, summer tends to be a perfect time to work on the big picture projects. One common project law firms can work on in the summer is rebranding. Rebranding entails freshening up and modernizing the firm’s image. There are different levels of going about a rebrand. You could do something as simple as a new logo. You could update your social profiles. Or, you could go full-on rebrand and redesign your firm’s entire web presence. Here are the law firm rebranding projects you could work on.

Your Law Firm’s “Summer Marketing List”

With summer coming, for many law firms, now you can start catching your breath. Courts slow down. People go on vacation. There is less urgency with some matters. The summer affords more time to work on the law firm rather than working in the law firm. You can spend more time planning on your firm’s growth, rather than be caught putting out the day-to-day fires. It’s “fire-preparedness” instead of “firefighting.” Here are a few projects you might want to consider working on this summer...

How to Create an Amazing Law Firm Marketing Plan – Webinar

If you’re like many small and mid-sized law firms, you’ve probably at least thought about developing a marketing plan. Yet, most small firms do not have a marketing plan. Putting one into action is often easier said than done. In fact, many lawyers we’ve talked to say that marketing is the most difficult part of running a law firm. Coming up with a concrete marketing plan is critical to your firm’s success, and the good news is that we have an upcoming webinar to help. We’ll walk you through everything you need to create and execute your firm’s marketing plan, including which marketing activities your law firm will engage in, how they’ll actually get done, and how you’ll measure success. We even share with you a one-page sample marketing plan template that your firm can work with.

Law Firm Marketing 101: The Basics

Marketing is key to growing your law practice. Unfortunately, marketing was not a topic emphasized in law school. In this primer, we take a look at the different facets of law firm marketing - everything from your marketing plan and setting goals and metrics, to evaluating which marketing channels your law firm should consider using.

YouTube Director for Lawyers – Get an Amazing Video for Your Firm

The YouTube Director program recently expanded to 170 cities, providing opportunities for law firms and other businesses to have professional-quality videos created at an extremely affordable price. YouTube Director sends a filmmaker to your business to shoot a video ad for you, and then send you the edited version. Then it is uploaded to YouTube for you. Here's more about the program.