Join Jurispage inside a Google Hangouts Office Hours Event

Following up on our webinar on Google Hangouts for Lawyers last week, we got a lot of great feedback and interest from attorneys looking to get some experience with the Google Hangouts platform. So, next Friday B.L. Ochman and I will be hosting an Office Hours event in a Google Hangout. Join us next Friday, September 12th, at 2PM ET / 11AM PT in our one-hour Google Hangout.

7 Ways for Attorneys to Use Google Hangouts

Last week, Jurispage held a fun webinar on Google Hangouts for Lawyers with our friend B.L. Ochman, a Google+ consultant from Maximum-Plus. One big misconception about Hangouts is that it's the same thing as Skype or is just another video conferencing platform. There's a lot you can do with Hangouts to build your practice. Here are some ways attorneys can use Hangouts On Air / Hangout Video Calls in their practice:

What is Google Hangouts and Why Should Lawyers Care?

Most people I know, let alone lawyers, are completely unfamiliar with Google Hangouts. I really didn’t know much about it until a few months ago, when a colleague introduced me to it. I’ve been using Google+ for awhile now – using it to share posts, discover new content, and get involved with G+ communities. But, I really hadn’t paid much attention to Google’s Hangouts. I tried it once or twice and it seemed like Google’s answer to Skype. After getting a better introduction, I’m now a big fan of Google Hangouts and all the different things you can do with it.

How Lawyers are Using Google+ and Hangouts – and why you should too

If you’re serious about online visibility, you need to pay attention to Google+ and the tools it provides. Many lawyers are already taking advantage of the tools provided by Google+ and they are gaining a competitive advantage. While Facebook and Twitter content is not indexed in Google search, content created in Google+ and on YouTube – which is integrated into Google+ Hangouts – is not only indexed, it is prominently featured in search results.