What a Law Firm Needs to Know About Their Website – Interview at ABA Techshow

Our own Andrew Cabasso, Managing Director of JurisPage, was interviewed at the ABA Techshow in Chicago this past April. In his interview hosted by Practice Panther, Andrew shares what law firms should be thinking about when it comes to their website, their online presence and Internet marketing. Andrew talks about merging with Uptime Legal, legal […]

JurisPage Publishes New Video

JurisPage published a new video overview of our law firm website design and marketing services. Learn what it's like going from a website that hinders your law firm to having a website and marketing partner that builds your firm a beautiful, mobile-friendly website that appeals to your audience, and helps you generate new business with legal search engine marketing.

JurisPage Announces Launch of BadLawyerWebsites.com

JurisPage announces the launch of its latest offering, BadLawyerWebsites.com. For lawyers looking to have the worst website possible, JurisPage has the perfect custom template solution! Developed in-secret over several years, Bad Lawyer Websites is designed for lawyers seeking to outdo their competitors and claim the title of worst lawyer website.