Law Firm Internet Marketing – 15 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm

Internet marketing is a big world, and law firm Internet Marketing is no different. How should you promote and market your law firm? What’s the best way to grow your firm? Which strategies will create real traction, and which marketing trends are just fads? Online marketing for your law firm can seem daunting, especially if you’re new to it.

Law Firm Marketing 101: Google Ads for Lawyers

Moving forward with our law firm marketing 101 series, we’re going to talk about Google Ads for lawyers. Whether you are a new law firm or more experienced practice, Google Ads can be a great channel to get new business. If you’re not sure how to use Google Ads, it’s important to get educated before spending the money (or the time) to set up a campaign. In this post, we’re going to explain the basics of Google Ads for lawyers. Even if you plan on hiring someone to help you with online marketing, it’s important that you have a good understanding of the basics so that you can help plan the campaign and understand whether it’s working.

Law Firm Marketing – How to Market a Law Firm Online

How to Equalize the Playing Field with Law Firm Marketing The concept of law firm marketing is no longer just about television commercials, radio ads, and taking out a full page ad in the yellow pages. Sure, traditional law firm marketing methods are certainly still alive and well. Today, the concept of marketing your law […]

A No Fluff Guide to Basic Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing – A No-Fluff Guide for Lawyers Law firm marketing can be scary territory for many lawyers. In addition to choosing the best strategy that will generate the best return possible (translation: paying clients), there are scores of jurisdictional rules that lawyers must worry about. Hiring an in-house marketing professional, contracting with a […]

Law Firm Marketing – Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Law Firms That Get It Right

Tips and Case Studies on Law Firm Marketing via Social Media Social media is one of the more popular methods used for law firm marketing. However, it’s not always an area that produces instant results. And lawyers have another serious consideration: the ethics in the jurisdiction(s) where they’re admitted to practice. Do lawyers have to […]

Law Firm Marketing – 3 Tips to Get Your Firm Started

Getting Started with Law Firm Marketing Without Breaking a Sweat Law firm marketing may seem like a daunting undertaking. There’s the time you spend trying to figure out how you’re going to best reach your target audience. And wondering if any of it will work. If I’m being honest, law firm marketing isn’t something that […]