Clio Unveils New Features at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference

At the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans, Clio unveiled the latest updates to their legal practice management software. In short, it's the most significant update we've ever seen. This update includes a complete rebuild of the platform with a much more intuitive and helpful user interface, faster speed, more apps, and an API update and developer environment sure increase the breadth of Clio's platform and features. For more details, check out the post.

Why I Am Not A “Recovering” Lawyer

Maybe calling yourself a “recovering lawyer” is such a common response for legal vendors that they don’t think about it, and everyone else just understands what people mean by this phrase. But, I really hate the term. Not only does it insult the profession that you need to "recover" from, but it is condescending to the lawyers to whom you are trying to sell products.

LawGeex – An App that Analyzes Legal Documents

LawGeex is a contract-reviewing app that analyzes your uploaded agreement and lets you know what provisions it includes in plain English (and also doesn't include but should), whether certain provisions are common or uncommon, and how likely the included provisions are to appear in similar agreements. LawGeex can look at residential leases and tell you "this provision is uncommon and you may want to negotiate this point."

Law Genius – A Wiki-Like Platform for Legal Texts

Law genius is a platform that allows you to share and annotate legal cases and documents. Think of it as the Wikipedia of all things legal. Founded by the team behind Rap Genius, a rap lyric annotation website (for a great example of their annotation platform, check out Jay Z’s 99 Problems, more specifically Verse 2, which deals with the Fourth Amendment), Law Genius packs a lot of power.

Lexicata – Client Intake and CRM for Lawyers

Hate interviewing clients over the phone or in-person? Looking to reduce time spent on vetting prospective clients? Well, a new legal tech startup may have the answer for you. The team behind LawKick has a new venture called Lexicata. Lexicata is a web-based platform to help attorneys manage their prospective client intake process and help them turn prospects into clients. It’s a combined CRM with client intake forms, signature collection, and payment processing. So, you can create a prospective client contact, send them an online intake form, receive the completed form, decide whether to take on the client, and then accept payment, whether it’s a retainer or flat fee.

Outsource Your Law Firm Bookkeeping and Accounting with Kahuna Accounting

Running a solo practice or small firm isn’t easy. There’s marketing, office management, client intake, networking, office technology maintenance, invoicing, accounting. Oh yeah, and there’s the part where you actually practice law. Most solos I know didn’t get into law to run a small business, but to practice law. For many solos and small firms, handling all of the firm’s management isn’t usually fun. It’s time-consuming and prevents you from spending time working on your cases. But, for solos in particular, hiring the extra staff isn’t always in the cards. To more effectively run your practice, when you can, outsource it.

Vizibid – A Platform for Attorneys to Share Documents

“We are very aware that new graduates don’t have a lot of money,” said co-founder Forrest Carlson. As a solo practitioner, Carlson knows what it was like to be fresh out of law school and looking for help. “In the past, the legal industry solved the problem through mentorship,” said Carlson. “Now, you have a bunch of people going solo after they graduate, and the resources and information just aren’t there.” Carlson hopes Vizibid will be a useful resource for newly minted attorneys and solos.