CosmoLex Adds Email Integration to Practice Management Software

CosmoLex announced a new email integration for its cloud-based practice management software, enabling users to bring their emails into the platform. It allows users to forward their emails to CosmoLex, assign them to matters, manage them in the platform, and add time entries associated with the emails. It is the next step for CosmoLex becoming fully-integrated in every aspect of the lawyer's day-to-day.

Clio Chrome Extension Integrates Your Gmail and Clio Accounts

In March at the ABA Techshow in Chicago, Clio, makers of law firm practice management software, announced it would be launching a new extension for the Chrome browser that integrates with your Gmail. After seeing a cool demo, I was waiting excitedly for the full launch. Finally, it has arrived. So what? What can it do? The Clio Chrome plugin / extension / add-on / app / whatever you want to call it saves you time. The plugin integrates your Gmail more fully into Clio.

Law Firm Practice and Case Management Software Comparison Chart

We've been reviewing cloud-based law firm case and practice management software for awhile now. We've looked at everything from Clio to MyCase, Rocket Matter, Amicus Cloud, HoudiniEsq, and MerusCase. Since we started writing our reviews, a lot has changed. These companies have all made significant upgrades to their software, and we've done our best to keep up, making note of any new developments by periodically updating our reviews. But, the main question we've gotten from readers has been "Well, how does this software compare..." So, we set out to answer that question.

MerusCase Review: You’ve Never Seen Law Firm Case Management Software Do This

And next up in our 259-part series, “Get to know a Law Firm Case Management Software Company” it’s MerusCase. I’m really excited about MerusCase. You may not have heard of the company before, but hopefully you will remember their name. A big complaint I’ve had about many case management software companies is that they all have a lot of the same features. Often, it’s hard to differentiate between these players. Now, sure every law firm practice management app should be able to work with your team calendars, keep time, and manage documents and correspondence, but not many of the players in this industry go beyond that. Here’s where MerusCase shines.