Clio Unveils New Features at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference

At the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans, Clio unveiled the latest updates to their legal practice management software. In short, it's the most significant update we've ever seen. This update includes a complete rebuild of the platform with a much more intuitive and helpful user interface, faster speed, more apps, and an API update and developer environment sure increase the breadth of Clio's platform and features. For more details, check out the post.

CosmoLex Adds Email Integration to Practice Management Software

CosmoLex announced a new email integration for its cloud-based practice management software, enabling users to bring their emails into the platform. It allows users to forward their emails to CosmoLex, assign them to matters, manage them in the platform, and add time entries associated with the emails. It is the next step for CosmoLex becoming fully-integrated in every aspect of the lawyer's day-to-day.

New Clio Practice Management Software Updates – October 2015

At the 2015 Clio Cloud Conference, CEO Jack Newton announced three new major Clio features during his keynote address. They included Clio Payments, Campaign Tracking, and an Office 365 integration. Clio Payments provides a way for lawyers to effortlessly bill and receive online payments from clients. Campaign Tracker helps law firms evaluate where the best ROI is for their marketing budgets, and the Office 365 integration further integrates Clio with software that law firms use every day.

May 2014 Updates to Law Practice Management Review Posts

Good news! We started reviewing law firm practice management software last year, checking out Clio, Rocket Matter, MyCase, Amicus Cloud, HoudiniEsq, and MerusCase. Since our original posts, these companies have made significant updates to their software. We thought it wouldn't be fair to our readers to get an outdated picture of what these companies had to offer, so we went back to our initial reviews and made updates.