Law Firm Internet Marketing – 12 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm

Law Firm Internet Marketing – 12 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm Online Internet marketing is a big world, and law firm Internet Marketing is no different. How should you promote and market your law firm? What’s the best way to grow your firm? Which strategies will create real traction, and which marketing trends […]

Top Family Law Marketing Strategies for 2018

Running and growing a family law practice has its own unique challenges compared to other practice areas. Family law marketing requires a different approach from other areas like criminal defense, personal injury, or business law. Having helped many family law firms grow their practices over the years, I have some specifics to share on the best, most effective strategies for family law marketing.

Facebook for Lawyers (Video)

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Should your law firm use Facebook? And if so, what for? Today’s legal tech tip video explores using Facebook. We cover: Why you should consider using Facebook Why friending clients can help you lawyer better How being friends with colleagues, clients, and referral sources can help you stay top-of-mind with […]

Facebook Rolls Out New “Like” Buttons

Facebook has expanded its reactions beyond the "Like" button. For years, people have complained about the lack of a "dislike" button... well now they can still complain. No "dislike" button still, but there are a few more options in addition to Like to help express a wider range of reactions to Facebook posts. At best, you can still be "Angry" at a post. So that's something.

You Should Be on Social Media Because Your Clients Are Blabbing

Your clients may be sharing cat videos or sales-y marketing jargon to their prospective clients, but they also may be leaking confidential information related to their case or harassing another party. They also may be sharing incriminating photos of themselves that undermine the credibility of their claims. What are your clients doing online? You should know.

7 Ways for Attorneys to Use Google Hangouts

Last week, Jurispage held a fun webinar on Google Hangouts for Lawyers with our friend B.L. Ochman, a Google+ consultant from Maximum-Plus. One big misconception about Hangouts is that it's the same thing as Skype or is just another video conferencing platform. There's a lot you can do with Hangouts to build your practice. Here are some ways attorneys can use Hangouts On Air / Hangout Video Calls in their practice:

What is Google Hangouts and Why Should Lawyers Care?

Most people I know, let alone lawyers, are completely unfamiliar with Google Hangouts. I really didn’t know much about it until a few months ago, when a colleague introduced me to it. I’ve been using Google+ for awhile now – using it to share posts, discover new content, and get involved with G+ communities. But, I really hadn’t paid much attention to Google’s Hangouts. I tried it once or twice and it seemed like Google’s answer to Skype. After getting a better introduction, I’m now a big fan of Google Hangouts and all the different things you can do with it.

How Lawyers are Using Google+ and Hangouts – and why you should too

If you’re serious about online visibility, you need to pay attention to Google+ and the tools it provides. Many lawyers are already taking advantage of the tools provided by Google+ and they are gaining a competitive advantage. While Facebook and Twitter content is not indexed in Google search, content created in Google+ and on YouTube – which is integrated into Google+ Hangouts – is not only indexed, it is prominently featured in search results.