Timeslips Billing and Timekeeping Software Review

Timeslips offers server-based timekeeping and billing software. This means that you must log in to your firm’s server (that you or an IT person have configured and set up properly) to add entries and generate bills. In terms of features, Timeslips seems to do what most of the competitors do. It handles trust accounting, lets you create clients, matters, and bills. Timeslips has several attorney-related features like conflict checks, scheduling, and LEDES exporting for invoices.

Bill4Time Review: Timekeeping and Billing Software for Law Firms

Bill4Time was created with attorneys in mind, offering features that many attorneys would find helpful, and possibly essential. Bill4Time is definitely the most feature-rich software for timekeeping and billing clients. Bill4Time operates a lot like more full-featured case management software. Each individual matter has a dashboard screen where you can see not only related time entries, but schedules, documents, accounting and trust accounting, attorneys assigned to the matter, and their associated billing rates for the matter. While you may not need all of these features, they are at your disposal.

The Best Law Firm Timekeeping and Billing Software: An In-Depth Comparison

Attorneys looking to keep time and bill clients need software that can work for them – enabling multiple users to bill at different rates based on their matters and allow administrators to invoice clients, manage trust accounts, and receive payments. I took a look at six companies that stand out – Bill4Time, Ebillity, Freshbooks, Timeslips, PCLaw, and CosmoLex.

Freshbooks Review – Cloud-Based Billing and Invoicing

Trying to keep track of your time, easily send quotes, bill clients, and receive payments? Freshbooks has you covered. Free to try and for small businesses with a few clients, Freshbooks allows you to track your time and bill clients for services. Freshbooks has an easy to use platform that will enable you to receive money from clients. It’s a very easy learning curve, ensuring that anyone can use it.