Law Firm Internet Marketing – 12 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Law Firm Internet Marketing – 12 Proven Strategies to Market Your Law Firm Online Internet marketing is a big world, and law firm Internet Marketing is no different. How should you promote and market your law firm? What’s the best way to grow your firm? Which strategies will create real […]

Top Family Law Marketing Strategies for 2018

Running and growing a family law practice has its own unique challenges compared to other practice areas. Family law marketing requires a different approach from other areas like criminal defense, personal injury, or business law. Having helped many family law firms grow their practices over the years, I have some specifics to share on the best, most effective strategies for family law marketing.

How Much Does it Cost to Design a Lawyer Website?

If you are looking to get a site built for your law firm, you have a lot of options. You could do it yourself. You could buy a template and try to customize it. You could also work with a designer. We'll go through each of these options - from the do-it-yourself options of Squarespace and Wordpress, to templates, mid-range custom lawyer website designs, and premium site design. We break down the main differences, plus the costs associated with each. In addition, we'll unveil some of the hidden costs you might encounter.

Should I Trust a Lawyer That Does Not Have a Website?

Does it matter whether a law firm has a website or not? Potential clients ask the question, and lawyers want to know what they think. Moreover does not having a website raises any red flags from the potential clients' perspective as well as that of your colleagues. And if you think I need a website, what should it include at a minimum to satisfy the interests of my potential clients?

What Makes One Website the Best Lawyer Website?

Every lawyer wants to have the best website for their firm. Having a truly great website for one’s law firm is a visible differentiator. If potential clients are evaluating multiple firms, the quality of a firm’s website leaves an impression and is especially important. But, the “best” law firm website is going to vary based on each firm’s goals. Let’s take a look at some elements that can separate out your firm’s website and make it more of a best lawyer website than an OK lawyer website.

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile Website

Many lawyers assume that if their potential clients are looking them up online, they are doing it from a laptop or desktop computer. However, for most potential clients, this is not the case. Over 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. And, more Internet searches are being conducted today on Google on mobile over desktop computers. But how does this apply to people looking for lawyers?

Why Do So Many Law Firm Websites Look The Same?

If you are a practicing lawyer, you probably see a lot of lawyer websites. Whether you are looking up opposing counsel or colleagues, you’ll encounter different sites in your online travels. You end up seeing the most lawyer websites though when you are looking for inspiration to redesign your firm’s website or build your firm’s first website. Along the way you may come to the realization: A lot of these websites look really similar. Like. Really similar… Why is that? There are two main reasons that many law firm websites look similar. There is a cost-related reason and a data reason.