Modern Law Firm Website Design in 2019: 7 Things Your Website Needs

What goes into a modern law firm website design? At JurisPage, we have built hundreds of websites for law firms over the years. We have seen what makes for a law firm website that stands out amongst the myriad lawyer websites out there. In 2019, if you are looking to build a truly-great website for your law firm, what does it need? In this post, we’ll dive into the important elements you’ll want to have to make your website impress.

ADA Compliance in Law Firm Websites – What Do You Need?

We've been increasingly getting questions from law firms about ADA compliance: Is my website ADA compliant? What do I need to do to make my law firm website ADA compliant? What does it mean to be ADA compliant? This largely stems from news coverage of the rising litigation against businesses with websites that do not appear to comply with the ADA, pursued in an effort to exact settlements. So, we wrote this article to break everything down - what does ADA compliance require for websites, and in particular, law firm websites?

Top Family Law Marketing Strategies for 2019

Running and growing a family law practice has its own unique challenges compared to other practice areas. Family law marketing requires a different approach from other areas like criminal defense, personal injury, or business law. Having helped many family law firms grow their practices over the years, I have some specifics to share on the best, most effective strategies for family law marketing.

What Does Your Font Say About Your Firm? The Best Law Firm Logo Fonts

If you’re considering starting up a law firm or have an established practice, you know you need a letterhead and logo for your business card. But your law firm logo says more about your firm than you may think. Your logo is often the first impression people get of your firm. If you hand out a business card, what stands out on it is the logo. Your website, which should be professionally designed, will ideally have a logo in the top portion of your main page. Your logo should represent your firm’s image and ideals. Do you perceive your firm to be more traditional, with a rich history? Is your firm more modern, cutting-edge?