JurisPage provides comprehensive law firm website solutions with the aim of generating more clients for your law practice.

Freeing you to serve your clients while we get you new clients.

JurisPage was founded by attorneys to help other attorneys market their law firms online. We know how time-consuming it can be to market your firm on the Internet. It takes away from time you could be spending on your new or existing clients. It can be a headache for managing your practice.

As a solution-provider, we alleviate the headache with the best law firm website design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization services available. Our mission is to free you to serve your clients while we get you new clients. 

Lawyer Website Design

With every website we build, our goal is to maximize conversions from website visitors to a client intake. JurisPage focuses its website design on understanding visitor behaviors, so that your website can be best presented to visitors to ensure they become clients of your law firm. As the practice of law is often considered results-oriented, so is our website design. You fight for your clients’ interests. We fight for yours.

Law Firm SEO

Part of having a successful Internet presence is ensuring that your law firm website shows up on the 1st page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engine results. When a prospective client searches for a law firm in your city or town, they most often click on the first results that show up. With Attorney SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we optimize your website to ensure it gets the highest search engine results. 

We wrote the book on Law Firm SEO!

Our SEO services are custom-tailored and unique specifically to law firm websites. We lead the industry in law firm search engine optimization.

Internet Marketing

The most comprehensive Internet Marketing stragegy available to law firms. We customize a marketing campaign that’s tailored to your practice. Our goal is to ensure that your firm is found in every potential referral source of new clients. While some internet marketing firms focus solely on search engine marketing (called pay-per-click or PPC), we cover the entire spectrum. As attorneys, we know what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t work. We save you the time and aggravation, allowing you to focus on your practice.

Powerful Web Platform

The JurisPage platform, built on Wordpress, makes adding and changing your website a breeze. Power users can take advantage of built-in analytics and SEO tools.

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