A Logo is an Extension of Your Firm

Stand apart from your competitors with unique law firm logo design. Convey a tone or identity to clients. Let’s start building your brand today, with a visually appealing logo.

You wouldn’t cut corners on a case, so why would you when it comes to branding for your firm? We have designed many aesthetic, effective, logos that our clients are proud to place on everything from their website, to business cards, to merchandise to even tattoos! (just kidding about that last one).

  • We Listen To Your Input – Fill out a simple form where you decide on color scheme, tone, and show us examples of other logos you like
  • Concept Mock Ups – Based on your input, we create three completely original, yet unique concepts--then you can decide which you like the most
  • Variation Mock Ups – We take feedback on your chosen concept and create three additional iterations you can choose from
  • Final Touches – We ensure the logo is exactly how you want it before settling on a final design, we want you to be proud of it!
  • Vectorized Delivery - Your logo will be delivered in a "vectorized" format, meaning that it will work on anything, at any size