What would you pay for a qualified lead?

We pride ourselves on lowering the cost you pay to get a lead through online advertising. With costs per click in the legal industry ranging from $6 to as high as $150 depending on your practice area, keeping costs low while getting results is a delicate process. Sure most companies will set up a Google Ads PPC (pay per click) campaign for you. But in subsequent months, what else are they doing for you besides collecting your payment?

With JurisPage Attorney Advertising, setting up your campaign is just the beginning. We track the following metrics so you know EXACTLY what your ROI is:

  • Cost per click
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of leads through contact forms
  • Number of leads through phone calls (via call tracking software)
  • Overall conversion rate
  • Overall cost per lead

We’re getting more clients and JurisPage has the tracking ability to confirm which clients retain us as a result of the campaign. In the end, it’s all about providing a return on your investment, and JurisPage gets it done.

Daniel Antonelli, Jurispage Client
  • Figure out the most cost effective target keywords
  • Select search words that disqualify the search (negative keywords like "free" or "jobs")
  • Select a target demographic and region
  • Write effective ad headlines
  • Effective headlines that mirror the ad headline for continuity
  • Ad copy that answers the key questions visitors have when they click your ad
  • Prominent calls to action telling the visitor to contact your firm
  • Social proof that indicates other clients have had success with your firm
  • Analytics and call tracking so that we can effectively analyze the campaign

No. We can show results through pay-per-click advertising within weeks of launching the campaign, so we do not have any minimum commitments in our advertising agreements.

Yes. Our tools allow us to simply add landing pages to your existing site that have the tools we use to track your conversions and cost per lead.

Recommended advertising budget is determined by location and practice area. We require that you have an ad budget of at least $1,500/month in order to deliver great ROI.

That depends tremendously on how competitive your market is since it’s more expensive to buy ads in competitive markets and practice areas. Call us today to discuss the specifics of your practice and we can give you an estimate.

We’ll need access to your domain name to launch the landing pages. You’ll also be asked a few questions about your practice and practice areas that will help us write sales copy for your landing pages.

Jurispage will help you export your landing pages, but unfortunately we can’t let you take our optimization tools with you.