Your Networking Gets Potential Clients Searching for You. Do You Have a Website that’s Winning Those Clients?

Too many times an attorney’s networking/marketing effort is wasted by a poorly performing website, or even worse, no website at all. You may think that referrals will just automatically pick up the phone to call you, but the fact is, 86% of consumers report searching online for the service they need. This means that even if someone was referred to you, they’re probably still trying to research you online before calling.

The question is, what do you want them to find when they search for you?

  • Looks good on any device - desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, phablets, phonetops, desklets...okay we made some of those up, but you get the picture
  • Captivates attention with strong headlines, using the active voice and words like "you" and "your"
  • Encourages referrals, leads, and website visitors to become clients with compelling calls to action. Tip: your contact form shouldn't just say, "Submit"
  • Gives visitors what they want, exactly where they expect it to be - don't hide your contact info!
  • See how many visitors you've gotten this month compared to the previous month
  • See which pages get the most traffic
  • See the sources of that traffic
  • Traffic: Gives you an overview of the number of visitors and overall website engagement
  • Leads: Tells you exactly how many contact form submissions and calls were generated
  • Top Content: Shows you your best performing pages
  • Quickly write and publish new blog posts
  • Optimize your post for search engines using our SEO tools
  • Add related posts and calls to action to increase engagement

Check out our pricing page for full pricing information on our website design services.

No! We think that our service speaks for itself and our customers do too as evidenced by our 0% attrition rate. Though we offer a discount to customers who pay yearly, we are happy to have you on board month-to-month.

Yes. Although the site is hosted with us, the content is yours and you are free to use the design even if you leave JurisPage.

Jurispage will help you export your site’s content so that you can move it to a different platform. You will, however, unfortunately lose our proprietary lead-tracking and editing functionalities.

Yes. We are happy to set up your email address at no additional charge.

Of course. Once your site is ready to launch and has been tested and approved by you, we will switch it over to your domain name. If you don’t have a domain name, we can acquire one for you.

If only it were that simple! While all Jurispage sites are built with SEO in mind and Jurispage uses special SEO plugins that can boost your site ranking, ultimately your Google ranking will depend on many factors. Within a few weeks of launch, it is expected that you will be on the first page of the Google search results when someone Googles your firm name (unless you have a very common name). However, the difficulty of getting onto the first page in your practice area for your region depends on the competitiveness of your market. JurisPage offers SEO services for those who really want to get that first page ranking.

Once you have submitted the content for your site, your site will be up and ready to launch within three weeks.

You must provide the content for your site. However, if you would like us help you write the content or write the content for you, we offer that as an additional service.

You don’t like our design?! That’s fine, we’ll work with you to get the perfect aesthetic for your firm, while maintaining the special, JurisPage, lead-generating sauce!

The million dollar question. However, as I’m sure you guessed, the answer is, it depends. It depends on your market, and the time, effort, and money that you put into writing blog content, search engine optimization, and internet marketing.

Of course! All of our sites come with the option to add a blog free of charge.

Your website can have an unlimited number of pages or blog posts. However, when we set up your site, only the first 10 pages are included in the setup fee. After that, we charge a per page fee of $50.

Not hard at all! JurisPage sites use our own, drag and drop editor. Anything you see on the page can be edited simply by clicking it, or repositioned by dragging it.