JurisPage will rework your site design and content to turn more visitors into clients.

If your law firm’s website is currently getting a considerable amount of traffic but people aren’t taking the next step and contacting your firm, your website probably isn’t designed to generate leads. JurisPage specializes in conversion-oriented design.

We’ll take your existing content, edit it and reformat it, introducing better calls to action, to subtly influence your website visitors’ behavior. After a few months, you’ll notice more and more of your website visitors are actually filling out your contact forms and calling your office, rather than just browsing your site, then hitting the back button and going to a competitor.

  • How much traffic your current site is getting
  • Where that traffic is coming from (e.g. Google search)
  • What pages are getting the most traffic
  • What percentage of your site's visitors are actually contacting your firm
  • A list of target pages that should be generating the most business
  • A plan for how to funnel visitors to those pages
  • Design or content changes to those target pages that will increase conversion
  • Move your site onto the JurisPage platform
  • Redesign and rewrite content where necessary
  • Gather analytics data for the optimized content
  • Implement ongoing tests to continuously improve your conversion rate

First, our optimization service is meant for you if you are already getting a considerable (50+ visitors/day) amount of traffic but aren’t seeing results from it. Such websites are likely already ranking well in search engines and so extra precautions must be taken to ensure that these rankings are maintained even as content on your site is changed. Additionally, a large amount of research goes into figuring out what your site visitors are looking for and where they are abandoning your site.

Phone and email support with response times usually within an hour (during business hours). Also, we will add/edit up to 5 pages per month if you have new content or content needs to be tweaked (you must send the changes to be made or the new content to be added). And, of course, unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

No! We think that our service speaks for itself and our customers do too as evidenced by our 0% attrition rate. Though we offer a discount to customers who pay yearly, we are happy to have you on board month-to-month.

No. Jurispage uses proprietary tools to optimize your site and track existing traffic. These tools are only available on our hosting platform.

While your site may get a slight search engine boost when we move it onto the JurisPage platform, our optimization service is designed to take advantage of your existing traffic, not get you more traffic.

That depends on your current stats. Sites with very poor design can see improvements of over 100%. Other sites will likely see improvements in the 40-60% range.

The process generally takes around 1 month.

The only thing you have to do is give us access to your current analytics solution (or if you don’t have an analytics solution, your hosting account so that we can install one).

Jurispage will help you export your site’s content so that you can move it to a different platform.