• Educate Your Visitors – Fact-based articles can be a great tool to inform potential clients and answer frequently asked questions
  • Gain Qualified Potential Clients – By aggressively targeting keywords, we capture search traffic for topics that clients are searching for
  • Improve Search Rankings – We add more quality content to your site - this means a higher search ranking, it's simple math!
  • Build Credibility and Demonstrate Expertise – We reaffirm your deep understanding of the law to visitors, and help instill confidence, by writing about relevant topics in your domain
  • Improve Your Website - No one wants to see an empty website, it's time to add more content so visitors have a reason to stay for longer

JurisPage focuses exclusively on how law firms can get more business through the internet. After conducting a case study on lead-generation, we have found that there is a direct correlation between the number of pages on your website, and how much relevant traffic you receive! In our case study, sites with more than 20 pages are able to generate as many as 497% more leads, as compared to sites with less than 10 pages.

So the solution is clear, but you’ve already added your bio page, practice area pages, and covered all your bases. You’re looking to continue improving your SEO and get more leads, but aren’t sure what else to add to your website. Blog posts are the answer!

Writing blog posts to the best of your own ability is highly encouraged, but when you take advantage of JurisPage Blogging, you are accomplishing two tasks at once: Informing visitors and increasing search rankings! We do keyword research for each blog post to help stagnant, new, and rising websites gain more momentum in their monthly visitor count, and we ensure that these pages are bringing the most qualified traffic to your website.