Build Your Practice Into Something More

You have the expertise clients need to win cases–but for many lawyers, communicating this can be a challenge. Start making people realize that your firm is more than the sum of its parts–in other words, there’s no better time to start building a stronger brand for your firm today.

JurisPage helps you create a unified brand that sends a strong message through images, text, and tone! Do you want to be seen as an aggressive personal injury prosecutor? A caring family lawyer? A skilled patent attorney? We have worked with clients across all of these practice areas in the past and know what works–this allows us to build brand for you that is completely unique, yet guaranteed to be effective.

Your website and logo will be central to your brand. After building highly professional iterations of these two components, we will expand branding into stationary, printed materials and other promotional materials in an all-encompassing marketing strategy.

  • Strategy Development – We work together for a custom-tailored approach, that will lead to strong brand recognition
  • Website Design/Redesign/Updates – Your website is a direct extension of your brand and should promote both professionalism and your unique expertise
  • Logo Design/Redesign – A logo is central to your brand and will adorn everything from email signatures to the heading of your website
  • Promotional Materials – We work with you to build everything from ads to sponsorships as a part of your branding strategy
  • Ongoing Initiatives - Do you have goals in mind for your brand? We set milestones and track initiatives to help you get ahead
  • Brand Consulting – We offer ongoing support as marketing consultants, working with you on new ideas to expand your firm's reach