Over 90% of Searchers click through to sites on the first page of the Google search results

Basically, that means if you aren’t on the first page of Google for a target search phrase, chances are, most people won’t find you. So how do you get to the first page of Google? Either through Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) or a process called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Each of these methods have their pros and cons, but each can be incredibly powerful tools to get your firm new business.

As a lawyer in a competitive market, my problem was how to make sure I was getting in front of real clients and not wasting my marketing budget. The guys at JurisPage are in regular contact with me while managing our Adwords campaign. They are hands on, providing monthly reports to demonstrate our progress. I can see the number of clicks, leads, and conversions increase, while my cost-per-lead decreases. Most importantly, we’re getting more clients and JurisPage has the tracking ability to confirm which clients retain us as a result of the campaign. In the end, it’s all about providing a return on your investment, and JurisPage gets it done.

Daniel Antonelli, Jurispage PPC Client
    • Start getting new clients immediately
    • Easy to track ROI
    • Your cost per lead has a break point and once we reach it, we can increase ad spend, bringing you tons of new clients
      • Requires a larger budget
      • Not the right fit for every practice area
        • Free traffic: Once you obtain a good ranking you don't have to pay for the clicks you get
        • More long-term results
          • More difficult to calculate ROI
          • Takes a long time to see results
          • You're ultimately at the mercy of search algorithms, which change frequently