JurisTV will produce video content designed to bring in more leads while engaging with your existing audience.

Video can increase the time spent on your website by as much as 100%, and help increase conversions from calls and form submissions by as much as 80%. Not only that: web pages that include video are 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google!

JurisTV – the new service from Jurispage.com and award-winning YouTube video producer B.L. Ochman – makes video affordable and easy for you to feature on your website and in social platforms including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

JurisTV creates search-friendly 1-minute journalistic video interviews on topics related to your practice, including news, trends, statistics and FAQs.

These videos are edited, branded for your practice, and embedded on your website. They also are featured on JurisTV’s YouTube Channel in a playlist related to your practice specialty.

How JurisTV Works For You

Adding video to your site will:

  • Help you increase the time people spend on your page, giving your message more time to be heard
  • Increase visitors’ trust in your skills, making potential clients more likely to reach out to you and more likely to link to your site or re-post your video to their social networks
  • Increase conversions by as much as 80%, which increases revenue
  • Improve SEO and drive traffic to your site because Google search favors short informational videos
  • Provide content that can be re-purposed to produce related sharable content including transcriptions, presentations, PDF downloads, screenshots as images and podcasts


Myth: As a lawyer, video won’t help me get more clients.

Fact: Featuring a video of the practicing attorney can increase the visitor’s trust in the attorney, making them more likely to reach out to you

Myth: Video won’t get me better search engine visibility (SEO).

Fact: Video actually improves your SEO and can drive more traffic to your website. It’s been suggested that video is 52 times more likely to show up on page one of Google than a text article (most likely due to the lack of established competition).

Myth: Videos are expensive to produce

Fact: They don’t have to be. While traditionally, videos required an expensive on-site production team and studio setup, utilizing the latest technology, website video production can be incredibly affordable for attorneys.

    • What are your firm's practice areas?
    • Who is your ideal client and average current client like?
    • What are your goals for your video campaign?
      • How to use the Hangouts
      • Recommendations for lighting, sound and background
      • Video training and two rehearsal interviews to help you get comfortable with the platform and the process
      • You then view the unedited video and we discuss how to improve it
        • You will be able to view and discuss the unedited video at a private link we provide (it will not publicly available)
        • We edit the video to 1-minute and show the final version to you for your approval
        • One additional revision is included
          • We edit each video down to 3 minutes or less (optimal viewing time for Internet videos)
          • Search optimization of video with search engine-friendly description and tags
          • Time-stamping (topics covered in the interview are detailed and a time is provided, i.e., [01:10] so that viewers can click on the time to jump directly to that segment of the video
          • Uploading the video to your website and to the JurisTV YouTube channel

          BL gave practical useful advice for me to optimize my Google + page immediately.

          Stephanie Lasher

          The conversation is different with people like B.L. Ochman: immediately useful tips, and those subtle, unexpected shifts in perspective that move you forward. Warm, wonderful, wise. Schedule with her, she’ll help you.

          Ramon Williamson

          B.L. was kind and helpful. She gave me great ideas on how to promote my business. She broke steps down to manageable bits for me, which I appreciated as I am new to Google Plus. I will be seeking more guidance and support from her. Thanks B.L!

          Jaclyn Long

          Very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to talk with.

          Julie LaChance

          Nothing is worse than buying a consultant’s time to learn how to do something complicated and constantly hearing them say, “This is really easy.” That’s why I love working with B.L. She fully understands that NOTHING about Google+ is easy, and her drop-dead simple explanations are so helpful that I wish I had her here next to me in the office all day!

          I especially appreciate that she coached me at my own pace, never introducing advanced material that would simply overwhelm me and take up precious time. Yet she periodically asked me, “Do you know how to….?” to make sure I understood the basics.

          Shorten your learning curve NOW and save yourself a lot of time and aggravation trying to build up traction on Google+. Not only is B.L. a fabulous teacher, she’s a lot of fun.

          Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound
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