Law Firm Marketing – 10 Winning Strategies ( + A 2019 Marketing Checklist) Law firm marketing is different than it was five years ago, or even one year ago. More and more consumers are turning to the Internet when searching for services and products. Billboards and radio ads are all but obsolete, but various forms […]
Law Firm SEO – Proven Strategies for Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Not too long ago, the primary means law firms had to market their law firms was (literal) billboards, radio ads and television commercials. Apart from being hugely expensive, these strategies were a “shotgun approach” to marketing a law firm. In exchange for your […]
Internet marketing is a big world, and law firm Internet Marketing is no different. How should you promote and market your law firm? What’s the best way to grow your firm? Which strategies will create real traction, and which marketing trends are just fads? Online marketing for your law firm can seem daunting, especially if you’re new to it.
Once you have the software and lists set up, you will need to think about doing the actual work of creating the email campaigns. Here is how you are going to tackle all of this.
When is the optimal time to send emails for your law firm email marketing campaign? What about day of the week? We discuss all the keys to success from "From Names" to time of day to day of the week to subject lines and more.
What kind of content should you send as part of your law firm email marketing efforts? This post discusses newsletters, drip campaigns, and what you need.
Clio Grow is a web-based client intake and customer relationship management application that helps you successfully navigate the first mile (or kilometer, if you want) of your client journey to working with your firm. Clio Grow helps you manage your leads (aka potential clients), stay in communication with them, and get them through the pipeline from new inquiry to consultation to retained client.
Tiger Tactics is a modern take on how to have a successful law practice: extreme candor from five lawyers sharing their successes and failures in detail. They share nuggets from their journeys of what they did to successfully tackle things like intake and marketing, but they also share what they did wrong, as a cautionary tale.
What goes into a modern law firm website design? At JurisPage, we have built hundreds of websites for law firms over the years. We have seen what makes for a law firm website that stands out amongst the myriad lawyer websites out there. In 2019, if you are looking to build a truly-great website for your law firm, what does it need? In this post, we’ll dive into the important elements you’ll want to have to make your website impress.
How can you better connect with your law firm's email marketing contacts? This post breaks down how to create lists and segments in your email software.

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